Adonidia (Christmas) Palms

Adonidia palms are a well adapted to Southwest Florida, and the cities we serve which include Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte and Naples. The origin of Adonidias is in the Philippines. We grow singles, doubles and triples that range in heights from 8’ OA to 12”OA. They’re also known as Christmas palms, because their fruit blossoms present as festive red bouquets during the month of December. » MORE

Alexander Palms

Alexander palms are also known as Solitaire Palms” and are native to Australia. Narrow or tight spaces are the best location to plant Alexanders. This is due to their thinner canes and smallish canopy. They’ll also do well as a potted palm and can be kept on a lanai or indoors in an entry way. We can dig and deliver palms to you if you live in any one of these cities; Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Bonita Springs or Naples. » MORE

Areca Palms

Areca palms are native to the island of Madagascar, which has the same growing zone as we do here in Southwest Florida. Arecas are most often used as a privacy screen or hedge for blocking out unattractive walls or fences. The privacy they provide is desirable to both homeownes and contractors. Their moderate growth rate and high drought tolerance makes them perfectly suited to do well during our rainy season and our dry season. » MORE

Bird of Paradise Palms

If you’re a homeowner or a landscaping professional that needs Bird of Paradise palms for your next project in; Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples or Port Charlotte, we can help you find the quantities you need at the size you want. When Bird of Paradise palms are young, they’re often mistaken for Travelers Palms. It’s a common mistake. Once they become larger than 5’OA the differences become clear. » MORE

Bottle Palms

Bottle palms are known for their small stature and swollen trunk. They are a slow growing palm, that has a few fronds which are long and graceful. Ideally they show best as a specimen surrounded by smaller plants within a tropical garden. Their drought tolerance is moderate and they do well during our dryer winters. Keep them beautiful all year round by providing them with supplemental irrigation during the dry season. » MORE

Chinese Fan Palms

Chinese Fan palms are the second most cold hardy palm. Their unique fan shaped fronds visually set them apart from other popular palm trees. They love the sun or light shade and are considered to be a slow grower. They’ll do well in a range of soil types and are considered drought tolerant. This makes for a low maintenance palm planting that will look beautiful year round. » MORE

Coconut Maypan Palms

Coconut or Maypan palms will grow in most any location within the growing zones of 10B-11. The average year round temperature in Southwest Florida is approximately 80 degrees year round. That makes our location perfect. Coconut palms thrive in well drained soils. That’s why you’ll find them on beaches. They also do well in residental or commercial landscapes in cities like Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples » MORE

Fishtail Palms

Fishtail palms are a clumping palm that’s known as a bi-pinnate palm tree. They’re often selected for use as a screening material or centerpiece planting. The long arch of each branch is reminiscent of the tail of a fish, hence the name. Their 360 view should always be full and bushy. Check our inventory to plan a landscaping project. » MORE

Lady Palms

Lady palms, or Rhapis excels present like a bush and not a palm tree. They are known as a clumping palm and will grow up to a maximum height of 10′. Their spread usually matches their height. Shade grown Lady palms produce a lush dark green color. Direct sunlight produces a light green hue. They are versatile and can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. » MORE

Foxtail Palms

Foxtail palms can be seen all throughout Southwest Florida from Punta Gorda down to Naples and are grown as singles, doubles and triples. They exhibit moderate growth and should be protected from salt spray as they are not tolerant. Full grown Foxtails can reach heights up to 30′, so be sure to plant them clear of power lines and away from buildings. You’ll want this palm on display for many years!» MORE

Pygmy Date Palms

Pygmy Date palms or Phoenix roebelenii palms are grown as singles, doubles and triples. They are considered a small palm that is slow growing and known to be low maintenance. It’s max height is 10’ OA. They are usually planted at 4′ or 5′.If you are a homeowner or a professional landscaping contractor we can help you get the Pygmy Dates you want. We have sizes 4′ to 8′ OA. » MORE

Queen Palms

Queen palms are one of the most majestic palm trees and can be found in tropical regions throughout the world. The can reach maximum heights of 30′-40′ overall. They are fast growing and look great as a focal point planting, in groupings of 3 at varied heights, as an architectural accent or to provide shade for under-plantings. Our experienced team can help. Call 239-336-9484 today to choose your palms or schedule a delivery! » MORE

Royal Palms

Royal palms are often desired by homeowners and landscape architects because of their tall and imposing grayish/white trunk, their vibrant green colored crown shafts, as well as their abundantly graceful canopies. All of these attributes combine to add the distinguished look and feel to any resort, high end home or  shopping center. Royals will do well in Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples. » MORE

Sabal Palms

Sabal palms are the most durable of all tropical palms. They are tolerant of salty soils, like those found near or at the beach and they’re also drought tolerant. They can withstand freezing temperatures and brief periods of frost and even snow! They’re the Florida state tree and are perfect in Florida Friendly landscaping practices. If you’d like to know more about the Sabal Palm click the more button. » MORE

Silver Bismarckia Palms

Silver Bismarckia palms have a rare blue’ish gray hue to their fronds which makes them desireable to both homeowners and professionals in the landscaping industry. Their stunning blue fronds add unique color and texture to homes and high end developments. They’re a slow growing palm that always does well in full sun and a consistent irrigation schedule. Once established they are considered low maintenance. » MORE

Spindle Palms

Spindle palms are a slow growing palm that does well in our year round warm temperatures. They’re are ideal for creating a unique landscape design that includes 2 or more levels. Average heights in the landscape are 8-12 feet. We consider them to be a low maintenance palm that is drought tolerant and really only needs to be fertilized annually. Container and field grown materials are available now. » MORE

Sylvestris Palms

The Phoenix sylvestris has many names. A few of them are… Sylvester, Silver Date, Toddy, Wild Date and the list is on. Whatever you decide to call it, Sylvestris palms are always in demand when a landscape needs tall palms with a large canopy. They should be planted at least 5′ feet from other palms, walkways or structures as their canopy’s spread will average 10′-15′. We add a special Diamond cut to our Sylvesters. » MORE

Thatch Palms

Thatch palms are native to Southwest Florida and can be visually versatile depending on if their grown in direct sunlight or partial shade. When grown in full sun the canopy is compact and when grown in shade the canopy is airy. Your aesthetic tastes will determine where you plant these palms. Keep in mind they’ll grow as single, doubles, triples and multis. Come in and choose yours today » MORE

Triangle Palms

Triangle palms are native to Madagascar. There are no other palm trees that look similar to the Triangle palm. Their unique 360 degree canopy lends itself well as a focal point planting. Their coloring is a powdery blue-grayish or a powdery gray-greenish. Once they are established we consider this palm to be low maintenance. Their  drought tolerance and moderate growth make them ideal for a homeowner looking to add a dynamic look to their yard or a landscaping professional who’s ready to impress. » MORE

Travelers Palms

Travelers palms are one of the most visually unique palm species. In fact, technically they aren’t palms at all, they are plants. With their large tropical looking fronds its easy to make this mistake. They’re a fast growing plant in their youth then slow once a singular trunk appears. They’ll reach maximum heights of 30 to 50 feet. Plant spacing should be at least 8-10 feet from other palms. Contact us today. » MORE