Adonidia Palms

Common Name: Christmas Palm Scientific Name: Adonidia Zone: 10B-11 Growth Rate: Moderate Origin: Philippines Salt Tolerance: Moderate Drought Tol.: Moderate Typical Height: 15′ – 25′ OA

Product Description

Adonidia palms are a well adapted to our area. Their origin is in the Philippines.

Even though Adonidia plams are not native to the Southwest Florida landscape, they have become a staple of the residential and commercial landscaping industry.

It’s a versatile tree.

It can be used as a focal point or as a part of a group planting.

They thrive in the counties of Lee, Collier and Charlotte, which includes a number of the cities we service such as; Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte and Naples.

We grow singles, doubles and triples ranging in heights from 8’ OA to 12”OA. Our fields include 65 acres of well-maintained groves on Pine Island, Florida.

If you are not a landscaping professional you might mistake them for a small Royal Palm. In fact some people refer to them as a “Dwarf Royal Palms”. However, its important to note that at their maximum height they will only be 25’OA, the average height is 12’ OA and the minimum for planting is 6’ OA.

Regarding cold hardiness…

Southwest Florida does encounter cold snaps during the winter months and even though they aren’t cultivated to withstand some of these lower temperatures, they typically emerge from our cold season as healthy as ever!

Adonidia palms are most popularly known as a “Christmas Palm” because their fruit blossoms during the month of December. You’ll notice their festive red bouquets, which are full and round. They’ll hang from the base of the head of the palm tree in full bloom during this popular holiday season.

One last tidbit…

Our Adonidia palms are great for homeowners who are looking to quickly and easily spruce up their front or back yard. Visit our nursery on Pine Island Road, in Cape Coral. Select your palms and plants, load up your automobile, and plant your new healthy palms.

If you need help with the delivery and installation, we can help!

For landscaping professionals…

We know you are always on the lookout for super healthy robust materials for new construction or renovation projects.

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