Bird of Paradise Palms

Common Name: Bird Of Paradise
Scientific Name: Strelitzia nicolai
Zone: 10AB – 11
Growth Rate: Moderate
Origin: South Africa
Salt Tolerance: Low
Drought Tol.: Moderate
Typical Height: 20′ OA

Product Description

Bird of paradise palms will work well as an indoor potted plant and as an outdoor plant.

At Palm City Nursery and Landscaping we grow the Bird Of Paradise palms outdoors in our fields where they receive direct sunlight from the warm Southwest Florida sun.

If you’re a homeowner or a landscaping professional that needs Bird of Paradise palms for your next project in; Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples or Port Charlotte, we can help you find the quantities you need at the size you want.

Field Grown Bird Of Paradise Palms

The long hours of direct sunlight we receive year round, encourages this native palm of South Africa, to grow to its max height of 10’-15’ OA.

When Bird of Paradise palms are young, they’re often mistaken for Travelers Palms. It’s a common mistake. Both have palm leaves that are similar in shape and size to the leaves of banana trees. Once they become larger than 5’OA the differences become clear.

There’s some distinct differences between the two palms.

White Birds of Paradise have canes that will grow to varying heights, while the Travelers palm grows many canes at approximately the same overall height.

Our knowledgeable team members will talk to you about where you’re are thinking about planting the Bird of Paradise palm to find out if the space is good for the health of this palm as well as the beauty of your landscape. We know that the footprint of the Bird of Paradise is much smaller than it is for the Traveler. Traveler palms have a much larger footprint.

Planting Uses:

  • Focal point planting
  • Part of a grouping of plants and palms
  • Lining a walkway or property line
  • Accent pillars or doorways
  • Potted indoors
  • Bring life to home interiors

Many palms that grow multiple canes, can be a bit unpredictable with regards to the angles at which the canes grow. Some canes may grow strait up at a 90-degree angle and others will grow out at varying degrees of angles.

Make sure to provide at least 4 feet of space between structures, so that the Bird of Paradise Palm has the space it needs to grow and look as beautiful as possible.

Palm City Nursery and Landscaping grows container sizes and field grown sizes.

Call us to inquire about our inventory or to go out into our fields on Pine Island and tag the Bird Of Paradise palms you need for your upcoming project.

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