Chinese Fan Palms

Common Name: Chinese Fan
Scientific Name: Livistona chinensis
Zone: 9A-11
Growth Rate: Slow
Origin: Southern China and Japan
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Drought Tol: High
Typical Height: 25′ OA

Product Description

Asian Cold Hardy Gem

The second most cold hardy palms thriving in Southwest Florida are Chinese Fan palms.

Native to both Southern China and Japan, Chinese Fan palms do particularly well in the cities of Port Charlotte, Cape Coral and Naples.

You’ll see a lot of Royal Palms, Pygmy Date Palms and Foxtails as you look from house to house, or community to community, as well as many shopping centers.

However, you won’t see as many Chinese Fan Palms within these residential and commercial landscapes.

Unique Outdoor Palms

They love the long hours of sunlight and our consistent year round temperatures, furthermore they do well during our dry winters as they have a high drought tolerance.

Known as a slow growing tropical palm, Chinese Fan palms look very different from more mature Chinese Fan palms.

When they’re young they look more like a full bush. As they continue to grow and reach heights between 6’ and 8’ in over all height, their trunk begins to show and by the time they are 12’ in over all height, they’ll have about 2’ of visible trunk.

Some of our clients need to keep the trunk in it’s natural state. Other projects dictate we provide Chinese Fan palms with a “special cut”.  The special cut creates a desirable diamond faceted appearance on the trunk.

Container Applications

When they’re young, a Chinese Fan palm can be kept as a container palm in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • If you’re going to keep them in a container, make sure they’re in full sunlight and that they have enough space around them so the growth of their canopy remains full on all sides.
  • Ensure that the container is located in an area where there is little to no foot traffic. The underside of fan palms have small prickly spines that will scratch the skin when they’re brushed up against.

Lastly and just as important to note, Chinese Fan palms are cold hardy down to 32 degrees.

Even more impressive is that they’ve been known to withstand very short periods of temperatures that reach 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stop by our nursery or you can have larger Chinese Fan palms delivered and installed at your home or job site.

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