Coconut Maypan Palms

Common Name: Coconut Maypan Palms
Scientific Name: Cocos nucifera
Zone: 10B-11
Growth Rate: Moderate
Origin: Jamaica
Salt Tolerance: High
Drought Tol: High
Typical Height: 50′-75′ OA

Product Description

An Icon Of Tropical Landscaping

Coconut Maypan Palms are iconic!

They’re the stuff that tropical dreams are made of.

Homeowners and landscaping professionals in Southwest Florida have countless reasons to include Coconut Maypan palms in their landscape designs.

The cities of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Bonita Springs and Naples will often incorporate this palm into their public and private landscapes.

As a palm icon, Maypans will satisfy your landscaping needs & wants!


  • Cold hardy down to 35 degrees F
  • Moderate annual growth rate
  • Tropical landscaping icon
  • Produces coconuts
  • Ideal for hanging hammocks and napping

You’ll see Coconut Maypan palms growing in great numbers on sandy beaches. Their high salt tolerance and love of well-drained soils make the beach an ideal location. Other palms you may see at the beach, due to their high salt tolerance include; Sable Palms and Thatch Palms. Both of these palms are native to Florida and the Caribbean.

They’ll grow in most any location within the growing zones of 10B-11, because the average temperature is approximately 80 degrees year round. Locations with well drained soils are the best for Coconut Maypan palms!

These temperatures are great for a coconut palm tree.

However, every once in a great while we will have a winter where the temperatures fall slightly below our average cold snap temps.

Please note that, Coconut Maypan palms have been specifically cultivated to withstand cooler than average temperatures. Green Malayan palms are just as beautiful but not as cold hardy.

If you have palm trees in your landscape and want to know if they are of the more cold hardy variety, then look at the base of the tree.

Maypans are fat and round at the bottom and Green Malayans are almost uniformly thin from the base of the tree, all the way up to the head. If you’re still not sure, send us a picture and we can try to help identify your palm.

Tips for Cleaning and Fertilization

  • Regular pruning is required to maintain their beauty.
  • Consistent fertilization and irrigation schedules are encouraged for optimal growth and esthetics.
  • The coconut fruit should be removed before a hurricane approaches. Coconuts can become projectiles during high winds.
  • Never put a nail or screw into your palm. It will damage or kill your tree.

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