Fishtail Palms

Common Name: Fishtail
Scientific Name: Caryota mitis
Zone: 10A-11
Growth Rate: Moderate
Origin: Southeast Asia
Salt Tolerance: Low
Drought Tol.: Moderate
Typical Height: 18′-25′ OA

Product Description

Popular Screen In The Tropical Landscaping

Fishtail palms are a clumping palm.

They’re often selected for use as a centerpiece planting, and are especially popular for use as a screening material.

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Homeowners looking for a fare priced palm that is healthy and ready to be planted, can visit us at the nursery. Landscaping professionals can schedule a visit to tag field grown materials.

All of our Fishtail palms are ideal for screening and landscaping projects in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte and on Pine Island.

Screening Applications

  • Planting in front of a cement wall or barrier
  • Along the perimeter of your property
  • As a noise barrier from busy streets
  • Provide privacy from another property
  • Plant in front of an unsightly fence
  • A focal point planting

There are many canes that grow up from the footprint of clumping Fishtail palms. For this reason and others, they have become popular as a landscaping palm that clumps. Other popular screening materials include, Areca Palms, Lady Palms and Bird of Paradise Palms.

Our field grown materials can be dug and installed into any commercial or residential landscaping project.

The minimum height used is usually 8’ OA for field grown materials.

Each clump is made up of approximately 5-10 canes and the heads are full and lush as you walk around the palm.

Fishtail palms are desired because of their dark green fronds as well as their fluffy and full appearance. Their unique fronds are responsible for this beautiful aesthetic, as they aren’t like the fronds of other palms.

Bi-Pinnate Palm Tree

The long arch of each branch is reminiscent of the tail of a fish, hence the name Fishtail palms. The 360 view should always be full and bushy. Learn more about the care and growth habits associated with Fishtail palms by visiting our nursery.

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