Sabal Palms

Common Name: Cabbage Palm
Scientific Name: Sabal Palmetto
Zone: 7B-11
Growth Rate: Slow
Origin: Unknown
Salt Tolerance: High
Drought Tol.: High
Typical Height: 40′ OA

Product Description

Most Hearty Palm Of Tropical Landscaping

Sabal palms are the official Florida state tree.

Southwest Florida is a prime breeding ground and they grow naturally in great numbers on their own.

Palm City Nursery and Landscaping has access to rural fields where Sabal palms grow. We have permission to dig these beautiful and hearty palms from rural fields and deliver them to your location.

Ideal planting locations include; Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples.

In recent years there has been a push to return to native landscaping as this is a way to conserve the beauty of our local environment. As a native plant, they are perfect for these type of landscaping projects, where the focus is based on an environmentally responsible approach.

Know as “Florida Friendly Landscaping” or “Native Landscaping Practices”. 

Desirable Attributes Of Sabal Palms

  • Extremely cold hardy
  • Extremely salt tolerant
  • Extremely drought tolerant
  • Withstands hurricane force winds
  • Adaptable to small cutout spaces
  • Provides shade

Sabal palms are slow growing.

For this reason and because they propagate on their own in great numbers in the wild, they are not cultivated for commercial production.

Special Care After Transplant

Our expertise dictates that, for the health of the palm, we put a “Hurricane Cut” on Sabal palms after digging and before delivery. The head of Sabal palms are severely cut back to reduce the stress associated with digging, wrapping the root ball and then delivery and installation.

As a result of the “Hurricane Cut” the head of the palm will appear small.

Rest assured, the palm is super healthy, but it will require ample water daily, until it is established. We recommend our clients aid in the establishment process by watering the trunk of the tree as well as at the base.

Sabal palms are unique in that they can and will absorb water through their trunk. The additional watering will aid in the tree’s establishment in its new location.

Once established the fronds will grow back to their full and beautiful state.

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