Silver Bismarckia Palms

Common Name: Silver Bismarckia
Scientific Name: Bismarckia nobilis
Zone: 10A-11
Growth Rate: Slow
Origin: Madagascar
Salt Tolerance: Moderate
Drought Tol.: Moderate
Typical Height: 30′ – 60′ OA

Product Description

Exquisite Tropical Landscaping Palm

Silver Bismarckia palms are stunning fan palms and once they’re established, they are low maintenance.

Madagascar is the place of origin for the majestic silver blue fan palm.

Palm City Nursery and Landscaping is dedicated to providing our customers with the best palms and the information they need to keep their palms healthy.

If you have a landscaping project in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda then you live in an ideal location for planting Silver Bismarckia palms.

Silver Bismarckia Palm Applications & Tips

  • Large dominant centerpiece
  • High end homes with 2 or more stories
  • Resort round-about is a perfect showcase
  • Plant 15 feet from buildings, walkways and other palms
  • Always consider the height and spread before planting to prevent overcrowding
  • Provide ample space for palm growth

Silver Bismarckia palms are slow growing.

They do best when they are in full sunlight with ample irrigation. Our warm temperatures, full sun year round, well draining soils and ample rainfall contribute to the beauty of Silver Bismarckia palms.

Once established, they are considered to be a low maintenance palm. They can not be dug from the field, delivered and installed in your landscape in one day. It’s a process.

Root Pruning Process

Before we deliver a Silver Bismarckia we ensure that they are root pruned.

This process entails pruning the roots a minimum of 60 days before transport and install occurs. Our field manager understands this procedure and applies this process to every field grown Silver Bismarckia prior to delivery and install.

After transplanting you will need to water Silver Bismarckia palms daily, for 30 days, to ensure a successful transplant. After the initial 30 days, water two to three times per week.

We do not advise the use of fertilizers at the time of installation, as this can contribute to shock.

Only fertilize after you see new growth.

At Palm City Nursery and Landscaping, we take all the precautions necessary to ensure that the Silver Bismarckia palms we provide you with, stay healthy.

If this is the palm your want for your home or commercial property, give is a call us at 239-336-9484.

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