Spindle Palms

Common Name: Spindle Palm
Scientific Name: Hyophorbe verschaffeltii
Zone: 9B-10
Growth Rate: Slow
Origin: Southeast Coast of Africa
Salt Tolerance: High
Drought Tol.: High
Typical Height: 20′ OA

Product Description

A Slice of South African Tropics for Palm Enthusiasts

Spindle palms are slow growing palms that do well in the year round warm temperatures of Southwest Florida.

Landscape architects and homeowners who want to create a unique landscape design with several levels in cities like Punta Gorda, Fort Myers and down to Bonita Springs should consider Spindle palms.

The Spindle palm is a close relative to the Bottle Palm. Spindles are bulbous in the middle, narrow at the base, and then narrow again at the top where their fronds begin to grow.

At first glance, to an untrained eye, they may even look like a miniature Royal Palm, but they are not related.


  • Zone 10-9b
  • Sandy well drained soil
  • Full sun (southern and western exposure is ideal)
  • Water once a week during the winter months (it’s drought tolerant)
  • Fertilize annually with higher concentrations of potassium and magnesium.
  • Easy to care for and prefer to be left alone

Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples rarely experience freezing temperatures.

You’ve probably seen Spindle palms in Southwest Florida, and not even known it. Their appearance can change so much from when they’re small to when their fully grown.

Spindle palms resemble Bottle palms when they’re young and take on their own look when they begin to reach heights of 12 ft. and up.

They can eventually reach heights up to 20 ft.

Keep in mind they are slow growing and reaching max heights can take many years coupled with ideal growing conditions.

Again, full sun year round, consistent irrigation and fertilization as well as sandy soil conditions will encourage a Spindle palm to grow consistently year round.

Landscaping Ideas

  • Potted inside a pool lanai/courtyard
  • Anchor in a small tropical garden
  • Stand alone specimen
  • Architectural accent
  • Under planting

Depending upon your landscaping plans, you may be looking for field grown or container grown Spindle palms.

Let us know your intended use and we will help you choose the materials that are best suited for your project.

Palm City Nursery and Landscaping is a family owned, local business with 65 acres of field grown palms and plants on Pine Island. Our nursery in Cape Coral is equipped to supply wholesale and retail clientele with the plants and palms you need.

We can also deliver and install for you if that is what you require.

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