Thatch Palms

Common Name: Thatch
Scientific Name: Thrinax radiata
Zone: 10B-11
Growth Rate: Slow
Origin: Florida and Caribbean
Salt Tolerance: High
Drought Tol.: High
Typical Height: 15′ – 20′ OA

Product Description

Humble Native Of Tropical Landscaping

Thatch palms are a slow growing, native palm of Southwest Florida.

Palm City Nursery and Landscaping can provide you with field grown and container Thatch palms.

If you are a home owner or landscaping professional with a project in Bonita Springs, Naples, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte or Fort Myers, then our friendly team can help you choose the Thatch palms right for your project.

We provide container grown Thatch palms that can be kept on your lanai, used in an alcove or another small space in your landscape. Consider the tight spaces created by a home, office building or the other plants and palms in the landscape before making your decision to go with field grown versus container materials.

Thatch Palms When They’re Young

When Thatch palms are young, they look more like a low to the ground, bush type of plant, similar to a palmetto.

Young Thatch palms look great in the lower levels of a landscape.

As they mature, a slender trunk appears.

The slender trunk is an asset that the Thatch palm exhibits and makes it a great fit for smaller spaces. The truck is very slim, and the canopy stays close to the trunk.

Five Presentations of Thatch Palms

  • Young (bushy and low to the ground)
  • Maturing (slender single trunk)
  • Direct sun (compact canopy)
  • Partial shade (airy canopy)
  • Multi trunks

Their versatile and do well in direct sunlight as well as partial shade.

Please note that, as a slow growing palm, they’ll grow significantly faster in the direct sun, as opposed to partial shade.

Direct sunlight everyday will encourage Thatch palms to grow a tight canopy at the top quarter of the palm. Partial shade will cause the growth of an airy canopy that will extend more than half way down the trunk.

It’s truly amazing, that Thatch palms can look so different based soley on the amount of sunlight they receive.

Care and Insights

Super salt tolerant Thatch palms love the sandy soils of Pine Island and coastal southwest Florida.

Our team can talk to you about the type of soil you have and determine if the Thatch palm is right for your landscaping project. We can also assist with the delivery and installation process.

We recommend a well-drained soil as they don’t tolerate wet feet. As well, if you fertilize three times a year, in the spring, summer, and autumn, then you’ll get moderate growth results.

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