Triangle Palms

Common Name: Triangle Palms
Scientific Name: Dypsis Decaryi
Zone: 10B-11
Growth Rate: Moderate
Origin: Madagascar
Typical Height: 25’OA

Product Description

One Of A Kind Tropical Palm Tree

Triangle palms are, yet another unique palm from Madagascar. This island off the East coast of Africa is home to the Travelers palm and the Silver Bismarckia palm.

All three of these palms thrive in Southwest Florida where they’re grown in our fields, on Pine Island.

If you’re a homeowner, builder or professional landscaper in; Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte or Naples, then Palm City Nursery and Landscaping can help you choose the best Triangle palms for your next project.

Triangle Palm Description:

  • A single gray trunk.
  • Long fronds that grow upward then arch out.
  • Triangle palms are known for their overlapping leaf bases. These leaf bases form three distinct sides or faces. This construction creates the triangular shape of the crown shaft.
  • Leaves and stems range in powdery colors of blue-grayish or gray-greenish.
  • Usually planted at heights of 14’ to 16’OA.

Once established, Triangle palms are considered low maintenance.

They’re moderate growers that aren’t bothered by the drought conditions we experience during the winter. However, we do recommend watering at least once a week during the winter if your goal is to encourage consistent growth year round.

Well-drained soils are the best fit for Triangle Palms.

Choose an area of your yard or outdoor commercial space, which is prominent.

Triangle Palms Show Best As

  • Focal point in a landscape design
  • Specimen planting
  • Anchor plant in a tropical garden
  • Architectural accent

Planting in pairs is a nice option if you have the space.

We don’t often see the space needed in most residential yards for planting Triangle palms in pairs. Their 360 canopy adds another dimension that should be considered before planting more than one Triangle palm.

Depending on your design goals, we always recommend that you allow a minimum of 5’ from other palms and structures.

You’ll want to have a full view of the entire canopy without any crowding. Displaying the unique and interesting beauty of a Triangle palm should bring you joy and maybe even a few curious conversations for years to come.

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