Travelers Palms

Common Name: Travelers
Scientific Name: Ravenala madagascariensis
Zone: 10B-11
Growth Rate: Fast then Moderate
Origin: Madagascar
Typical Height: 30′ – 50′ OA

Product Description

The Gentle Giant Of Tropical Landscaping

Travelers palms are one of the most misunderstood of all palm trees?

Palm City Nursery and Landscaping can help you decide if these extra large, very tropical and wholly unique plants are right for your landscaping project.

If you live near; Cape Coral, Naples, Port Charlotte, Bonita Springs, or Punta Gorda, then you’re in the perfect growing zone for Travelers palms.

They love Southwest Florida!

Fun Facts About Travelers Palms

Fun Fact #1

Did you know that Travelers palms are not palm trees? They aren’t! Not even a little bit. Their fronds are large and so tropical looking, that many people assume they are palms.

Take a good look and you’ll notice that Travelers palms look like a cross between a Bird of Paradise and a Banana tree.

Their broad and lengthily leaf structure is the mirror image of a banana tree and the shape of the palm when it is young is similar to the growth pattern of the Bird of Paradise.

Fun Fact #2

The extra large stems that grow out from the center of Travelers palms, collect drinkable rain water near the base of the plant.

The story goes that… thirsty travelers would poke a hole in the bottom side of the over sized stems, as close to the center or base of the plant as possible, and the traveler would drink the available water from the stem.

As far as we know… this is true.

Fun Fact #3

Travelers palms do not grow East to West.

If you ever find yourself lost, don’t rely on the direction of the Travelers palms fronds to guide you.

You’ll have better luck navigating by the north star then you would trying to navigate from a Travelers palm!

Madagascar is the origin of Travelers palms.

There are a couple of points we will share with you regarding the Travelers palms relation to the Bird of Paradise and their growth pattern.

They’re a fast growing plant in their youth and then they slow down once a singular trunk appears.

They reach heights of 30 to 50 feet. The further south, the taller the Travelers palms

Plant spacing should be at least 8-10 feet from other palms.

Landscaping Ideas

  • Large specimen
  • Large accent plant
  • Anchor for your garden
  • Planting along a property line to create privacy

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